Why We Built PURR Luxury Cat Hotel

When people arrive at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel the first word they usually utter is WOW!!!

They then ask if they can stay at PURR too.  We laugh and say that we are very discriminatory, No People, No Dogs and No Kids ONLY Cats can stay with us at PURR.

Graham and I have lived on our beautiful property just out of Canberra for 22 years and still  feel blessed every day for our little slice of heaven.  Even the freezing Canberra winters are made special by being able to sit and contemplate life looking into the flames of our fireplace (now fireplaces since we built PURR last year) with a cat snuggling in our lap.

We are animal lovers, and of course we love cats, loosing my beloved Brown Burmese to a car was the reason we moved out of town. I simply couldn’t live there anymore, so the search began and eventually we found our place. Back then it was little more than a goat track to get here and most people only visited us once! LOL.

In wet weather the 2WD was left up on Norton Rd and we had some interesting times getting home let me tell you. Graham used to close his eyes, hang on and stay well clear of my elbows as I kept up the momentum needed to keep the old 4WD on the road and moving up the hills.

A lot of time and a number of subdivisions later and we now have the luxury of paved roads all the way to our property gate.  Our dream of having an animal boarding facility was however not allowed due to the zoning of our area.  All this changed when the new Land Environment Plan was ratified at the end of October 2014.

We did our homework, and declared LET’S DO IT!!!!

The road to actually getting it done would take hours to write and would read like a soap opera so maybe i’ll tackle that another time.  Suffice it to say it was Interesting!

So why did we build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel? After all there are lots of cat boarding facilities and catteries in Canberra.  We wanted to do something different, something utterly spectacular, the ultimate in luxury, safety and comfort and share our little slice of heaven with other people and their cats. Of course the people only get to enjoy the drive, the views and the peaceful atmosphere for a short time but their cats get to stay for the best holiday of their lives.

PURR Luxury Cat Hotel has taken the experience cat boarding to an entirely new level. You are welcome to come out and take a tour around PURR, just give us a call and we will book you in for a private viewing while you tell us all about your best catty friend and decide which of our Luxury Suites your cats would love to have a holiday in.Eric