PURR’s Guest a Member of the International Jet Set

PURR’s special guest currently residing in our Luxury King Suite is soon to join the International Jet Set Elite.  We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to care for Layla before she embarks on her international travel.

Layla and her family are heading off on a huge adventure. Of course that means a great deal of hard work.  During the weeks that Layla’s family are packing up their home, flying overseas, unpacking and establishing their new place Layla is holidaying in the lap of luxury!!

Layla’s daily itinerary includes taking time out to enjoy fantastic views, some sun lounging, room service, personal play times, snuggles, scratches and lots of love.

At the moment Layla is keeping a keen eye on what I am writing peering down on me from the lofty height of the office scratching pole during her private Office Duty session.

It won’t be too long before Layla heads off on her own adventure.  With PURR being the first leg of Layla’s adventure we have established the First Class standard Layla expects.

The next leg of her journey will be a quick 19km trip to the Canberra Airport, then on to Sydney and the USA.

Layla is such a lovely confident lady that she is sure to take it all in her stride.

In the mean time a holiday full of fun, love and R & R.