Cat Grooming Canberra

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           PURR Luxury Cat Hotel – Grooming Master Classes




Take a Grooming Master Class at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel – The Cat Grooming Teaching Specialists

Have you ever heard the saying “If you want something done right do it yourself”?  Well at PURR we have decided to enable our cat loving clients to do exactly that.  No more stressful and expensive trips to groomers who produce mediocre results.  Come to PURR with your cat and take a Master Class saving you time and money and enabling you to keep your cats groomed to purrfection.

The only real defense against tangles and mats is regular grooming.  Private Master Classes at PURR will enable you to care for your cats coat like a professional.

You can learn how to clip your cats nails, give your cat a sanitary trim or belly trim even a lion cut.  We can teach you how to wash your cat and take care of all your cats grooming needs.   We give advice on the best grooming tools that will keep your cats coat healthy and clean.  So you don’t waste money on equipment that does not work.

It is a true pleasure living with a cat that always feels silky soft & smells divine.


Nano after his groom



Give your cat the treatment they deserve and learn how to give your cat a professional groom at PURR. It will have them looking and smelling great while greatly reducing the hair on your clothing and around your house.