PURR Luxury Cat Hotel : Taking Cat Boarding to a Whole New Level

When Graham and Heidi decided to build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we didn’t hold back, it was and of course still is all about our feline guests.  But we didn’t stop there, so what else could we do above and beyond providing the absolute best cat boarding facility we could.

Well for starters our property, including our home and PURR is solar powered and for good measure we also feed a significant amount of solar energy into the grid.

We use biodegradable garbage bags and environmentally friendly cat litter.  All our grey water is treated on site by an approved bi0-cycle septic system and the water once clean and pure is used on the gardens.

We are often asked if we have a fire evacuation plan and of course we do.  Both Graham and Heidi spent over a decade in the Rural Fire Service (RFS), achieving the rank of Advanced Fire Fighters and as Heavy Tanker Drivers it was our job to ensure that our crew stayed safe.  These days we are retired from the RFS but all those hundreds of hours training and fighting fires ensures that we know what we are about when it comes to keeping your cats safe from fires. When the temperatures soar we are ready.  Our guests travel crates are kept close by their Luxury Suites and our evacuation planning is at such a level that no matter how many beautiful cats we are caring for they can all be evacuated together in one trip.

Another question that comes up regularly is “what if my cat gets sick”?  One of the major benefits of choosing to leave your cats at PURR is that we live here, this isn’t just a 9-5 job it is our life.  So we are on site and checking on our guests constantly from when the roosters start crowing to well into the evening. And if we have a cat on “special watch” , i.e. your cat is showing some signs that cause concern we monitor that guest very carefully. We will contact you or your designated emergency contact immediately we feel there may be a problem and if required we will take your cat to your vet whenever possible or to either of the after hours emergency vet hospitals in Canberra.

PURR is designed to keep our guests healthy.  Our Luxury Suites have sneeze proof fronts.  There are no cages at PURR everything is state of the art & clean. Wonderfully fresh country air is gently drawn into the cats comfortable suites from cat free zones, it then passes through the suite and directly outside.  We don’t let cats roam about looking into other cats suites at PURR, let’s face it we wouldn’t like people roaming the corridors in a hotel we are staying in and peering into our suite, at PURR we give the cats the same respect.

We even have an isolation suite, in the event we suspect a cat might be coming down with something we can move them to a comfortable suite to keep a close watch until the vets open.  Here they are well away from all our other guests just to be safe and our quarantine procedures are then set in motion and strictly adhered to.

There are 9 different types of Luxury Suites available to choose from at PURR and yes the Pharaoh Suite does have a full (human) Queen sized bed and a 3 seater lounge.  Even our entry level $35 p/d Tranquility Suites are large and spacious with 3 levels of comfortable holiday accomodation.  The majority of PURR’s luxury suites have views to the outside and watching the wild life and birds is a great way to pass the time when sleep, every cats favourite activity isn’t on the agenda.