PURR Day Spa – Grooming Services

We all know that cats love to look good, and do their best to keep themselves that way.

A regular Full Groom at PURR will keep your cat feeling silky soft & wonderfully clean.  It also significantly reduces the amount of hair you find on your clothes and furniture.


Full Groom, including Bath, Dry & Nails Trimmed.

Basic Groom : Bath, Dry and Comb & Nails – from $95

De-shed : from $100

Lion Trim : from $120

Comb Cut : from $125


Extra options

Sanitary Trim – $25

Belly Shave – $35

Heavy Matt Removal – from $50

Soft Paws


Groom without a Bath & Dry

De-shed & Nails Trimmed: from $75

Lion Trim & Nails Trimmed: from $95


Luxury Suite – Relax in Luxury for the Day

We understand that sometimes life just gets too busy.  So why not give your cat a Luxury Holiday at PURR. You can choose any length of stay that works for you.

Your choice of Luxury Suites start from $35 p/day