It’s Summer Time – Keeping Your Cat Cool

Did anyone notice that Summer has ARRIVED.

Wow it sure hit with a bang yesterday.

Do you have Cool Strategies so your cat is comfortable this summer?

Here are some suggestions from PURR.

  1. Keep multiple bowls of water in shady spots for outdoor cats and in cool parts of your house for indoor cats to make sure they never run out of water.
  2. Have you heard of the amazing high tech silver shade tarps? They are made of an open weave silver mesh that provides shade by reflecting away the suns rays but also allowing air movement through the mesh weaves, a great way to provide a cool relaxing hide away for outdoor or travelling felines.
  3. Are you traveling with your cat? Consider a crate cooling fan, these are super quiet, vet approved, battery driven 2 speed fans that provide a gentle cooling breeze.
  4. Cool mats – soak the mat in cold water for a few minutes and these mats stay cool (and dry on top) for hours.

Stay tuned for more Cool Ideas from PURR this Summer