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Cat Lodging

With a range of luxury accommodation available including private suites and apartments, all with climate control and suites with heated floors in the winter, PURR provides the ultimate cat lodging for your feline friends.

Cat-only accommodation

Located on 18 acres of open countryside, our family-owned facility is designed for cats only, which means we don’t have a dog kennel at all on the property. Being a cat-only hostel, we can ensure that your pet kittens and cats remain stress-free while you’re away. Many of our customers comment that this is the number one reason they choose us, knowing that we are 100% focused on ensuring their cat is kept safe and content away from any noisy or smelly dogs.

Luxury suites and apartments

At PURR, we put your cat’s welfare first. Cats are territorial animals and get stressed when they smell other cats that they fear might encroach on their territory. Cat hostels that keep cats in cage fronted boxes can cause cats a great deal of stress when they smell other cats. That’s why we designed our accommodation to reduce the risk of cat smells transferring.

Our purpose-built facility provides the most luxurious cat lodging in Queanbeyan and Canberra. You won’t find any cramped cage fronted boxes here, all our cat accommodation is glass fronted and ventilated to the outside to ensure a clean and fresh environment for all our guests. This significantly lowers the risk of infectious diseases spreading and ensures that cat smells are reduced to a minimum.

We must be doing something right because many of our customers comment on how clean and fresh the environment is when they visit our facility. They are impressed at how clean the rooms are kept and how there is no discernable cat smell at all.

A choice of luxury accommodation to suit all budgets

Pharaoh Suite – A huge human-sized bedroom complete with a queen-sized bed, 50-inch TV, scratching towers and a lounge suite. Once settled in, you can bet your little friend won’t want to leave this sun filled feline oasis.

Luxury King Suites – Complete with large windows, a skyway, scratching tower, TV and a choice of comfortable bedding, these suites are purrfect for helping your cat to relax while you are away.

Standard Apartments – Our standard accommodation would count for luxury accommodation at other cat hostels. Each apartment is equipped with a private bedroom with comfortable bedding, a bathroom, eating and lounging areas. PURR is air conditioned, heated and has extra-large private play areas to keep your pet happy and relaxed.

So if you’re looking for a clean, safe, comfortable environment for your beloved pet cat to stay while you’re away, don’t risk your cat’s welfare by choosing a facility built for purely for profit, choose PURR instead. We are committed to providing the very best care and facilities for your cat no matter how long you are away.

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