Cat boarding & cat care in Canberra has been taken to an entirely new level at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel.
With Canberra’s freezing cold months fast approaching dedicated cat people now have a choice of having their cat cared for at PURR, with heated floors run by a lovely fireplace. For an added indulgence you can book your cat some extra special personal fireside lounging time…Mine, mine all can just hear your cat rubbing its paws together in glee!! That’s right we don’t allow non family cats together at PURR, so there is no risk of your precious friend being bullied by another feline.
Ooops got sidetracked there……
Back to the wonderful winter delights of PURR, did I mention PURR is fully insulated with double glazed windows and full length north facing glazing which plenty of sunlight comes pouring through on sunny winter days. All of these heating options are backed up by reverse cycle heating and ducted heating that are powered by a vast array of solar panels. PURR’s heating has been designed in such a way that even during a power outage your precious feline will remain toasty warm during their holiday with us.

So now you can choose….PURR Luxury Cat Hotel from as little as $35p/day
leaving your cat in an unheated house or in an inadequately insulated, barely or unheated boarding facility.

Well the choice is pretty simple when you put it like that.

Give us a call at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel today and let’s chat about your cats best holiday ever

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