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A PURR above the Rest

Welcome to PURR Luxury Cat Hotel – a spacious, safe and secure cat only boarding facility with plenty of accommodation choices. The custom built facilities have been designed specifically for cats, providing guests with heated floors, extra-large play areas with private play time, and climate controlled comfort.

This family owned and run cat boarding service offers a wide choice of accommodation to suit all budgets, ensuring the highest quality and friendliest service with each boarding option. At PURR cats are kept safe from other cats at all times, play time is private, just us and your cat.

Superior cat boarding services

PURR’s superior boarding facilities for cats are the very best on offer, providing an extensive choice of luxury suites and apartments, including the Pharaoh Suite – a huge (human sized) bedroom boasting a queen size bed, sofa and 50″ television. All Luxury King Suites have scratching towers, skyways, TVs, a choice of comfortable bedding, and sun lounging with north facing sliding doors with pet proof screens. Does your cat love to watch birds? We feed the wild birds daily for your cats entertainment.

The cleanliness at PURR’s boarding cattery is outstanding, and visitors are always commenting that there is no cat smell! At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel, keeping facilities fresh and inviting is paramount. The glass fronted luxury suites and apartments are vented straight to the outside to reduce the smells of other cats for our guests, lowering their anxiety. This also significantly reduces the chances of the spread of infectious disease, as the glass front is sneeze proof, unlike the more common cage front.

There are regularly people coming to PURR with their cats after they have been dissatisfied with boarding at other local facilities where their cats have been traumatised. This doesn’t happen at PURR. Unlike other cat boarding facilities, PURR doesn’t have adjacent dog boarding, nor does it allow cats to roam free while their accommodation is being cleaned or put cats in communal spaces to spend time together. These differences are why our guests are relaxed, stress free and happy, which is an integral value held at PURR.

Knowledgeable and caring staff at PURR

The staff at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel are friendly, caring and knowledgeable cat people, going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our furry friends. A caring staff member once left home at 4.30am to ensure one boarder was able to travel home in 1 day instead of 3! The expertise in the health, wellbeing and enjoyment of cats has led to the creation of a feline utopia, catering to the different needs of each guest. PURR makes the effort to ensure all guests are entertained and enjoy their meals and clean facilities.

The secure cat boarding kennels of PURR are situated on 18 acres in Queanbeyan in Canberra, increasing the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere the cats need to feel secure, giving them the perfect environment to enjoy their home away from home. There is even daily feeding of the wild birds that flock to this quiet countryside to entertain guests.

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