Only Family Cats Are Allowed Together At PURR

Q: Does PURR allow all their guests felines to roam about together in a communal space

A: No, at PURR we understand that cats find meeting strange cats upsetting so we never mix non-family cats.

That solves the issues of probable fights and distressing face to face meetings.

Q: Do we allow cats to roam about between suites as is common practice at many boarding catteries?

A: No ! Just imagine you are on holiday, having a snooze in your hotel suite and strangers constantly come by peering into your space and sharing their opinions.

That ensures that cats have no way of upsetting other cats.

Q: We can see that all your suites at PURR have solid & glass doors wouldn’t this interfere with airflow to the units?

A: No.  PURR has a specially designed ducting system that gently draws air in through the vents in the front of our suites and  directly out of the building so cats always have delightfully clean air to holiday in.

Everything we do at PURR is designed to guarantee your cats have the best holiday away from home that they can.

Our Cat Parents are always saying “PURR is so great my cat won’t want to come home!”