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When you love your cat you want the very best for them

We feel exactly the same way and that’s why we decided to create PURR

We have built a home away from home experience

and our guests really enjoy living with us at PURR

The Worlds Best Exclusively Feline Boarding Facility.

Your Precious Cat Deserves Absolute Luxury in a Quiet, Relaxing, Safe Cat Hotel.


There are places that have some of the wonderful features PURR Luxury Cat Hotel offers, but none have them all!

PURR is the choice when it comes to having your beautiful cat cared for. Safe, Quiet, Comfortable & Loving.  PURR’s accommodation features the ultimate refinement an exlusively cat boarding experience.  Most facilities are created for dog boarding and they include a space for cats either in a building/shed next door or even under the same roofline. That is of course fine for the dogs, but the excessive barking is totally terrifying for cats.

PURR is flooded with natural light, cats can see outside and they love to watch the hundreds of wild birds who are fed daily all around the purpose built cat boarding facility.  Only cats who live together and like each other stay and play together.  All other play time is private and 100% of our love and attention is for your feline friend.


PURR is climate controlled and quite frankly nicer than most peoples houses – heated floors, double glazed windows, air conditioning and a fireplace with all suites connected to an air extraction system that keeps the air delightfully clean and fresh.

Plush bedding and an a la carte menu is provided although owners are welcome to bring their pet’s favorite bedding, food, treats and toys to turn their holiday suite into their very own home away from home. Also, you can choose which biodegradable cat litter to use in your cat’s very own ensuite bathroom.

All of PURR’s feline guests will enjoy spacious, comfortable and clean suites, enjoying the ultimate in luxury holidaying while you are away.


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Be sure to scroll down to see all our wonderful boarding options starting at $35/day you can choose from 5 different Apartments and 5 Luxurious Suites.

 All prices below are for 1 cat p/day  –  Please add $20 for each additional cat.

Speak to us about special prices for stays over 1 month and for extra large cat families.


Tranquillity Apartments



Our Tranquility Apartments feature large multi-level living areas. Your cat can curl up in the separate bedroom space, pop into the separate bathroom area and dine on a different level. Suite Rate: $35p/day





Ambassador Apartments

Prince Apartments



Our Ambassador Apartments are the next step up in PURR’s line up of fantastic cat accommodation, they feature larger multi-level living spaces or are rooms with great views.  The bedroom has a solid door on the front so your can enjoy a peaceful sleeping space, the separate ensuite bathroom is ventilated straight outside so the air is always nice and fresh.  Another level is available for use as the dining area and there is yet another glass fronted space is perfect for cats to snuggle into and look out at what is going on at PURR.

Ambassador Apartments $40 p/day  :      Prince Apartments for $50 p/day


Queen Apartments 


IMG_4678Pleasantly appointed Queen Apartments offer of spacious multi level living. Featuring country views, extra large 3 levels of lounge and living areas. Your cats have a choice of bedrooms to snuggle into, there are also provisions for 2 ensuite bathrooms and 2 dining areas if your cats would like us to set the suite up that way. These spacious apartments comfortably accommodate 3 cats.

$55 p/day for 1 cat.  $20 for each additional cat.



Luxury Queen Apartments


IMG_4688Luxury at its finest. Our well-appointed multi-room, multi-level Luxury Queen Apartments feature window views and morning sunshine. Expansive luxurious lounging spaces and 2 separate bedrooms. Your discerning felines will love the separate dining and choice of a second bathroom when the whole family is staying at PURR.

Our Luxury Queen Apartments comfortably accommodate 4 cats and are sure to keep even the most discerning cat and family of cats utterly content.  $70 p/day.  $20 for each additional cat.




Royal Suites

IMG_4715PURR Luxury Hotels Royal Suites are perfect for cats that need to keep busy.  These expansive suites are full height walk in rooms providing multi level living and diningspaces, an ensuite bathroom and high platforms so you cats can enjoy expansive views from lofty heights. PURR’s well-appointed Royal Suites are a delight to cats, the comfortable Royal Suites also feature heated floors, comfy beds and more.  Our Royal Suites can easily accommodate 3 cats.  $80 p/day.


Ask us about Double-Up




If you missed out on our amazing Luxury Suites, or if your cat family doesn’t live in perfect harmony, the Double-Up is your solution. We offer interconnecting apartments for your cats holiday comfort. Everything is twice as great with more room to move, extra lounging, dining and bathroom areas. This can be especially useful for family cats that have individual diets.  PURR will separate your cats at mealtime to ensure they can eat in peace and be sure to get their own special food. And, for the not so functional cat family, your cats can live close but not interact thereby ensuring they are safe and happy. The benefit for you is that it won’t cost you double the amount*

Choose Double-Up and receive a 10% discount on the second suite.

*Please note: Although Double-Up is available for large cat families during peak periods, the discount doesn’t apply.


King Suites


Indulge your cat with PURR Luxury Hotels King Suite accommodation; our well-appointed King Suites are designed to delight cats. Featuring north facing floor to ceiling double glazing your cat will enjoy hours of sun lounging throughout the day.

The comfort doesn’t stop there the King Suites also have heated floors, a Skyway to watch the great outdoors from lofty heights, comfy beds a scratching posts and more.  Your cat will be comfortable and happy during their holiday at PURR.  Our King Suites can easily accommodate 4 cats.

$90 p/day – $20p/day for each additional cat.

Luxury King Suites

Luxury King Suite

Our Luxury King Suites are located on the North-East and North-West sides of PURR Luxury Cat Hotel: very spacious and the ultimate luxury holiday destination for your discerning feline. Extensive north facing floor to ceiling double-glazing provides the greatest sun lounging experience. PURR’s Luxury King Suites are a must for pampered cats. In the cooler months, your cat will luxuriate in warmth provided by our heated floor. Climb up to the Skyway and take in the expansive countryside views, enjoy using the multi-level scratching post and spend time choosing the perfect comfortable lounging place to relax while enjoying a holiday at PURR. Our Luxury King Suites can easily accommodate a family of 4 cats.

$100 p/day – $20p/day for each additional cat.


The Emperor Suite


Spacious and super comfortable large north facing floor to ceiling double-glazing provides the greatest sun lounging experience. PURR’s Luxury Emperor Suite is a must for pampered cats. In the cooler months, your cat will luxuriate in warmth provided by our heated floor. Climb up to the Skyway and take in the lovely views, enjoy using the multi-level scratching post and spend time choosing the perfect comfortable lounging place to relax while enjoying a holiday at PURR. Our Emperor Suite can easily accommodate a family of 4 or more cats.

$120 p/day – $20p/day for each additional cat.


The Pharaoh Suite

The Pharaoh Suite is PURR Luxury Cat Hotel’s Ultimate Luxury Suite.

Treat your cats to absolute decadence. There is of course a full sized queen bed with a comforter and pillows. Lots of windows to gaze out at the countryside including west facing windows for sumptuous sun soaking in the afternoon. When the Canberra weather turns a little chilly your cats will love the heated floor and rugs to roll about on. This suite is massive and there is a number of comfortable sleeping places to choose from. Scratching posts, hideaway spaces and a multi level structure to climb up and lounge about on.

When nothing is too good for your fastidious feline friends then The Pharaoh Suite delivers the best of the best.

$130 p/day – $20p/day for each additional cat.

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