Yes PURR Luxury Cat Hotel has a Fire Evacuation Plan

PURR FacilityAt this time of the year the threat of a bushfire is always at the back of everyones mind.  At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we are aware of and prepared for Extreme Bushfire weather.

Both Graham and Heidi served as Rural Firefighters for a combined 20 years, both achieving the rank of Advanced Rural Firefighters and Heavy Tanker Drivers during that time.  We were on duty during the devastating Canberra Fires.  As members of the Rural Fire Service (RFS) we were called out to figh countless fires over the years.

Now retired from the RFS we retain the extensive knowledge gained during our RFS service not only fighting fires but how to be properly prepared for a fire event and how to produce effective fire evacuation plans.

As part of our preparation to build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel, to be extra careful we did not rely on our knowledge base alone, we had an extensive Bushfire Report carried out by qualified expert environmentalists who specialised in this area.  We carried out and always continue to maintain extensive work on our property to ensure we keep the property prepared. PURR is a specially built cat boarding facility that was constructed to comply with the bushfire building specifications and requirements in our our area.

Yes absolutely we have an Effective Fire Evacuation Plan.  We have multiple safe places that we can evacuate our guest to and we can evacuate EVERY one of our guests at the same time in our huge fully enclosed ventilated horse trailer.

We are prepared to move swiftly, to help with this we ask all our guests to arrive with a sturdy well maintained cat transport container and we keep them at PURR for the duration of our feline guests stay. We make up information tags that are attached to each guests own carrier and we take photos of all our guests.

We have lived on our beautiful property in Wamboin for over 20 years and fires have never come close to us. Nevertheless we are prepared and all our guests are in experienced and well prepared hands.