Midnight’s Mum sent PURR her endorsement.

Hello Heidi

I trust you will be able to add this to the Recommendations.

Purr Cat provided a wonderfully safe and secure environment for my cat. Heidi and Graham gave my little cat much love and certainly were always concerned for the best possible outcome for the cat.

Heidi and Graham have gone over and above the normal care for a cat. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Purr Cat is extremely clean and very professionally run. My cat was delivered back to my door by both Heidi and Graham.

Midnight had found two new people that he would very much love for many years to come. He was relaxed and calm and clearly was going to miss Heidi and Graham.

I will always use Purr Cat for many many years to come.

My rating is actually 6 star.

Thank you Heidi and Graham – you are caring and loving people who run a fabulous luxury cat hotel.

DH and Midnight will always be grateful that we found Purr Luxury Cat Hotel.

kind regards

Midnight image for website
We would like to thank Doylys for such a lovely endorsement an entrusting Midnight to us by allowing us to enjoy the beautiful Midnights company for his 3 month holiday at PURR.

It was very, very hard to give him back but as he is booked in for 2 more shorter holidays with us this year we managed.

We all trouped over to his Mums new home, had a cuppa and a chat while we helped settle him and explore his lovely new house. We are counting down the days until he comes back to PURR for more cuddles.