Introducing of PURR’s Custom Built Tranquility Suites

Everything, absolutely everything at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel has been custom designed to ensure your special cats enjoy an amazing holiday.

PURR’s Tranquility Suites, our entry level accommodation are truly spacious and supremely comfortable.  Multiple levels, lots of rooms to choose from, toughened glass doors in the main living and dining areas and solid doors in the bedroom and ensuite bathrooms for privacy and quiet time.

One of the questions we get asked often from careful cat parents is do we let cats out together.  The answer is an unequivocal NO!  Only cats who come from the same family (and who like each other) are allowed to be together at PURR.   When you book playtime in our custom designed play room The Roam Zone it is private playtime. The same goes with Office Duty and PURR Pampering Sessions.  Private, and absolutely no mixing of non family cats.

Do we let cats out to run around the other private suites? NO! Your cat will never have another cat peering in at them.

Your cats safety and emotional comfort is assured at PURR.