Frankie Goes to PURR Luxury Cat Hotel

Frankie had a great holiday at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel Canberra regions premier cat boarding facility. He felt right at home and made the most of his busy holiday itinerary.All Photos - 5 of 11All Photos - 2 of 11

During his stay the temperature soared to 38 C, of course Frankie was blissfully unaware of this as he luxuriated in the best cattery available in the Canberra region. One of the many reasons cat lovers are choosing PURR is that their cats stay in spacious suites in air conditioned comfort.

Some of the fun things that Frankie enjoyed included:

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Lazing in the sun in PURR’s amazing Pharaoh SuiteAll Photos - 7 of 11All Photos - 1 of 11

Spending time in our Lobby with keeping us company.All Photos - 10 of 11All Photos - 8 of 11

Brushes andAll Photos - 9 of 11


Private play times in our amazing dedicated play room The Roam Zone.All Photos - 3 of 11