Cat Care in Canberra – Give your Mother a PURR Gift Voucher

Cat care in Canberra has been taken to a whole new level since PURR Luxury Cat Hotel opened.

The first word uttered by people who come to see PURR is WOW!!!  Now you can give your Mum a WOW moment and an opportunity to have a great holiday where she can go away, relax and most importantly not worry about her precious fur baby.  If your Mum is a person anything like PURR’s people then she doesn’t want to go away because she worries about fur baby.  “But What IF………………” you’ve heard it a million times before.  Now you can send her out to PURR and she can see for herself that her precious cat will have a better holiday experience then she will!!  She can ask us anything she likes and we will take the time it takes to help her relax and KNOW that her kitty will be in safe, loving hands while she goes away and recharges her Mum batteries.

Does your Mums fluffy friend need a queen sized bed, a sofa and a huge tv then PURR can deliver a huge beautiful room that has lots of window, amazing views, lots of pillows, supremely comfortable faux fur doonas, a scratching tower or two and an ala carte menu.

Perhaps something a little less elaborate is more your Mum’s style, again PURR can deliver, with a huge choice of Luxury Suites where even the smallest suite has multiple levels, a seperate bedroom and living area as well as a bathroom that is vented to the outside.

You can book private play times in the huge play room or Office Duty where Mum’s Puddy Tat can watch the wild Tweedy Birds that are fed daily all around PURR, they come right up to the windows for cats to have a chat.

Grooming is another wonderful offering at PURR, starting with a soothing brush and massage through to the whole works where we bring a professional cat groomer to PURR just for your Mum’s cat to transform her precious baby into a super model!

Winter Is Coming and PURR is warm as toast, from sun soaking to fireside lounging and heated floors PURR is a wonderland for cats.

Give your Mum the best gift you ever have!! Call us at PURR now on 0427 800 990 and we will send you E-Gift-Voucher in time for Mothers Day.


PURR Luxury Cat Hotel : Taking Cat Boarding to a Whole New Level

When Graham and Heidi decided to build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we didn’t hold back, it was and of course still is all about our feline guests.  But we didn’t stop there, so what else could we do above and beyond providing the absolute best cat boarding facility we could.

Well for starters our property, including our home and PURR is solar powered and for good measure we also feed a significant amount of solar energy into the grid.

We use biodegradable garbage bags and environmentally friendly cat litter.  All our grey water is treated on site by an approved bi0-cycle septic system and the water once clean and pure is used on the gardens.

We are often asked if we have a fire evacuation plan and of course we do.  Both Graham and Heidi spent over a decade in the Rural Fire Service (RFS), achieving the rank of Advanced Fire Fighters and as Heavy Tanker Drivers it was our job to ensure that our crew stayed safe.  These days we are retired from the RFS but all those hundreds of hours training and fighting fires ensures that we know what we are about when it comes to keeping your cats safe from fires. When the temperatures soar we are ready.  Our guests travel crates are kept close by their Luxury Suites and our evacuation planning is at such a level that no matter how many beautiful cats we are caring for they can all be evacuated together in one trip.

Another question that comes up regularly is “what if my cat gets sick”?  One of the major benefits of choosing to leave your cats at PURR is that we live here, this isn’t just a 9-5 job it is our life.  So we are on site and checking on our guests constantly from when the roosters start crowing to well into the evening. And if we have a cat on “special watch” , i.e. your cat is showing some signs that cause concern we monitor that guest very carefully. We will contact you or your designated emergency contact immediately we feel there may be a problem and if required we will take your cat to your vet whenever possible or to either of the after hours emergency vet hospitals in Canberra.

PURR is designed to keep our guests healthy.  Our Luxury Suites have sneeze proof fronts.  There are no cages at PURR everything is state of the art & clean. Wonderfully fresh country air is gently drawn into the cats comfortable suites from cat free zones, it then passes through the suite and directly outside.  We don’t let cats roam about looking into other cats suites at PURR, let’s face it we wouldn’t like people roaming the corridors in a hotel we are staying in and peering into our suite, at PURR we give the cats the same respect.

We even have an isolation suite, in the event we suspect a cat might be coming down with something we can move them to a comfortable suite to keep a close watch until the vets open.  Here they are well away from all our other guests just to be safe and our quarantine procedures are then set in motion and strictly adhered to.

There are 9 different types of Luxury Suites available to choose from at PURR and yes the Pharaoh Suite does have a full (human) Queen sized bed and a 3 seater lounge.  Even our entry level $35 p/d Tranquility Suites are large and spacious with 3 levels of comfortable holiday accomodation.  The majority of PURR’s luxury suites have views to the outside and watching the wild life and birds is a great way to pass the time when sleep, every cats favourite activity isn’t on the agenda.


Things to do if your Cat isn’t using the litter box

Hi Heidi here, I thought I’d write a little on an issue that can be distressing & lots of cat people face sooner or later. Cats messing out of their litter boxes.

At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel the vast majority of our guests are great and go where they should go, happy days, however now and again we are faced with a cat that, well make a mess. So its on with the gloves and let the cleaning commence
Straight up – Anything with ammonia in it will not work. We clean with Oxivar which is a hospital grade disinfectant. (If you are Australian based you can get it from It is Very effective on all soft and hard surfaces and safe even for kittens. There are also some excellent odour control products around as an added way to keep everything smelling great. I recommend that you go and visit a specialised cleaning product shop you are much more likely to get something that really works, just be sure that it is safe for your cats. 

If the problem is reoccurring here are some ideas to try.

Firstly take your cat to the vet for a check up to make sure this new undesirable behaviour is not due to a health issue.

Also think about what may have changed in your cats world that has caused the problem.  Is there a new cat in the area that your cat feels threatened by.  Has there been a change at home or with you?

Are you keeping your cats litter tray really clean?  Remember when you were faced with a nasty toilet situation …..OK let’s not remember that Eeew…..Yep it’s our responsibility to make sure our cats can “go” in a clean place.

So on to some other ideas.

Physical solutions:
Get a really big tub or deep drawer unit that covers the entire area, makes it physically impossible to mess the space again (in the interim it needn’t be long term) and put the litter box inside that. Great for “Flingers” and “Squirters”

Get a small piece of carpet (IKEA sells a decent sized square piece for about $9) This is dead easy to soak in Oxivar and comes out clean, no smell! Put an impermeable layer under it, you can also get a roll of stick on carpet protection from hardware stores for added, still cover this as of course they will scratch it easily and it is then no help. Once you have cleaned the soiled area cover it with this then the litter box.

If you have a covered litter box ditch the lid.

Make sure the litter tray is big enough for your cat, cover the bottom well but don’t make it too deep.

Put out multiple litter boxes (yes ugly but again not necessarily forever) We use a pellet pine wood litter and instead of scooping we toss it as soon as it is soiled. Smells nice, its quick and cats really appreciate the totally clean litter. We haven’t had a cat reject this litter and care for cats from all walks of life, especially the finicky ones 🙂. Some cats even wait for us to put out clean litter in the morning if they have already used it at night, then use it, so out it goes again.

Finally I recommend crate training you cat, make it your cats favourite place to be (not a jail) Feed there for a good long time, put a favourite bed in there, something of yours that your cat loves, something for scratching, bribe with favourite treats, won’t be long before when you go looking for your cat that’s where you’ll find him/her. Then you can start shutting the door for short periods 2 mins and build it up to O/night. Make it your cats safe place (not a place of punishment, cats don’t understand that, they aren’t pack animals).

Hope this helps. Cheers Heidi.


Midnight’s Mum sent PURR her endorsement.

Hello Heidi

I trust you will be able to add this to the Recommendations.

Purr Cat provided a wonderfully safe and secure environment for my cat. Heidi and Graham gave my little cat much love and certainly were always concerned for the best possible outcome for the cat.

Heidi and Graham have gone over and above the normal care for a cat. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Purr Cat is extremely clean and very professionally run. My cat was delivered back to my door by both Heidi and Graham.

Midnight had found two new people that he would very much love for many years to come. He was relaxed and calm and clearly was going to miss Heidi and Graham.

I will always use Purr Cat for many many years to come.

My rating is actually 6 star.

Thank you Heidi and Graham – you are caring and loving people who run a fabulous luxury cat hotel.

DH and Midnight will always be grateful that we found Purr Luxury Cat Hotel.

kind regards

Midnight image for website
We would like to thank Doylys for such a lovely endorsement an entrusting Midnight to us by allowing us to enjoy the beautiful Midnights company for his 3 month holiday at PURR.

It was very, very hard to give him back but as he is booked in for 2 more shorter holidays with us this year we managed.

We all trouped over to his Mums new home, had a cuppa and a chat while we helped settle him and explore his lovely new house. We are counting down the days until he comes back to PURR for more cuddles.


Little Darcey falls on all 3 Feet in the Pharaoh Suite

“Every cat and kitten that needs a wonderful cat boarding home away from home eventually. So how do you choose the very best Canberra cattery ?

Well sit back relax, grab a cuppa or a brew and read on. Let me tell you a happy story, share some of my thoughts about what makes a great place for your best friend to have a cat holiday and give you some things to think about and some things to ask about next time you need to leave your precious pussy cat.

So firstly that happy story I promised you. Of course, every single feline guest who comes for a Holiday at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel is special and we love them to bits” says Heidi Arundel PURR’s Director and owner. “However one arrived last week who just totally stole my heart on the spot”.

Little tiny Darcey started life doing it tough, really tough, but just like Darcey we aren’t going to dwell on the yucky stuff. Lets just say that this little bundle of joy comes in tripod form and was in a Sydney shelter in need of a furrever home.

“When I found out about Darcey I just knew straight away that she needed me” says Serena Darcey’s furrever Mum.  “I didn’t think twice I just jumped in the car and drove all the way to Sydney to see if I would be allowed to bring her home and love and her as my tiny fur baby”

A self confessed “dog person” Darcey has totally shown Serena that a cats love is just fantastic and the pair of them are pretty inseparable.  But of course life happens and when Serena’s friend was getting married in Sydney it was time to leave little Darcey behind.  Serena was beside herself and very worried “I didn’t know who to turn to who would look after little Darcey and make sure she was happy and loved like I do” said Serena. ” She’s so little and the weather is bitterly cold in Canberra even though the calendar says it’s spring”

A google search showed that there are plenty of catteries in Canberra to choose from but Serena wanted the very best for her fur baby so she did a of LOT in depth of searching found that the Pharaoh Suite at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel looked like the solution to her worries.

“As a self confessed first time ‘Cat Mum’ Serena asked all the right questions, Darcey is her little special baby and Serena was keen to make sure Darcey’s first holiday away from home was heaps of fun, safe and full of love & affection” said Heidi the Director of PURR Luxury Cat Hotel.  “Serena came out to PURR and spent an hour or so with us, we gave her the grand tour and all the while heard about the lovely Darcey.  We sat down and together we worked out how to give Darcey the best holiday a kitten could imagine”.

“So what did Darcey do while she was at PURR? Well her itinerary included lots and lots and lots of time with us to play, we explored together and played with all the great things we have out here at PURR.  Tunnels, an incredible cardboard box maze, different scratching towers, zipping about after the “Lost in Space Darlek” a crazy pre programmed laser toy.  Darcey was indulged with a PURR Pampering session where she was primped and massaged to prepare her for her photographic session. Serena will always have these beautiful images of Darcey’s baby self to look back on when she grows up.  We all had a great time looking after Darcey, she is such a sweet little girl who is full of beans and has plenty of love to share around, it sure was hard to hand her back.”

Darcey 11

After Darcey went home we received this lovely text from Serena;

” Hi Heidi and Graham, i want to thank you form the bottom of my heart for looking after my Darcey while i was away. She loved every minute she was at Purr. I enjoyed my holiday knowing that she was happy/ You guys and Purr are really special. Thank you and we’ll see you again in January.”

So how do you find the perfect cat boarding facility that you can trust to care for your special feline friend?

“You use your senses….Your eyes, ears, your nose and and throw in common sense… your 6th sense, your gut feeling about the place!” says Heidi

At PURR we encourage all our cat Mums and Dads to come out and meet with us at PURR tell us all about their fantastic best feline friend and see for themselves how wonderful, clean and safe facility it really is.  “There is simply no substitute for checking the place and the people who are going to look after your cat out in person or at the very least send a trusted friend or family member to be your eyes and ears” says Heidi

Just to make that clear as a bell – lets put that in check list form so you can take it with you when you go and have a look.

Get out a pen and become the eyes and ears for you cat.  Score every single thing on the check list with a number.

Starting with a 10.WOW this is Wonderful, I want to stay there & down a sliding down the scale to 1. UMM ERR Heck NO ….Run Away Run Away!!

So Here are some things that you should rate the boarding facility on and some things to think about.

  1. Is the place easy to find, can the facilities staff give you clear directions and can you find there location on their website?
  2. How does the person who answers the phone treat you, how do they sound?  Are they happy and helpful? Do they give you the time you need and answer all you questions? Of course don’t just take their word for it GO & See for Yourself!
  3. Do they offer to show you around the facility, that is the whole facility! No ducking and weaving, no excuses like …sorry we can’t take you to see where your pet will sleep, stay and play due to work health safety reasons….or we don’t want to upset our guests…..or, well any excuse at all really!  You are thinking of trusting them with your precious pet, you definitely need to see where they are going to sleep and play.
  4. If the boarding facility boards dogs and cats again look at the whole facility. Dogs wear their hearts and thoughts on their sleeves so to speak and their attitudes and they will be very helpful with your decision making process. How happy do the cats and dogs look who are already holidaying at the boarding facility?IMG_1601
  5. When you arrive, before you even go inside look, listen and feel the ambience of the place.  Is it peaceful & quiet? Is it well kept and does it look inviting.
  6. Even before you walk in ask yourself “If it was me would I want to have a holiday here?” Give it a number from Yippee Yahoo 10 to Not Now Not Ever 1.  Keep asking and answering this question throughout the tour and again as you get in the car to go home!
  7. Head on towards the front door, and inside. Is there someone there, happy to see you and keen to look after you or not?
  8. Keep your senses switched to high alert. What does the place look like, smell like, sound like, feel like?? Don’t for get to keep writing down your value judgement from 10 – 1.  When you get home after you have looked at a number of facilities this will really come in handy.PURR FacilityJudge the cattery and boarding facility on Cleanliness, does it look and smell clean or do you walk into a wall of stinky EWWW Ahh HELP I gotta get out of here?
  9. What about Safety ? Once inside can little Johny go and amuse himself by letting cats out while everyone is occupied chatting?  How many doors are between the get away zone and the guests? Is there an automatically locking door between the outside and the holiday makers?
  10. Is the place light and bright with lots of windows to see out and open for fresh air when the weather is nice?
  11. Is it well ventilated?
  12. Is the facility well maintained or is it in serious need of a makeover?
  13. Is the temperature that your cat will be living in comfortable all year round?? warm in winter and cool in summer or especially in a climate like Canberra is the cattery FFFFreezing in winter and HHHot as hell in summer?
  14. Don’t forget to keep checking in with your gut feeling as you head on through the boarding facility.
  15. Check out the bowls that are used, are they chewed and grotty?  Are they changed, washed and disinfected daily? They should be!
  16. Dont forget to ask whether or not the facility reduces the size of the cats living spaces during peak periods or not.
  17. Can you bring your cats favourite things… toys bedding….chair….scratching tower?
  18. Can you bring your own food? Do they have a clean fridge and freezer for meat and medication?
  19. Are you welcome to spend time settling your best friend in before you have to leave them?
  20. Are the cats all left out together, or allowed to roam about and upset other cats who are locked in a cage?
  21. Are the Suites, cages, apartments sneeze proofed, designed to ensure that airborne contagions aren’t easily transmitted?IMG_4207
  22. Do you get a choice of different levels of accommodation?
  23. Can you custom design your cats holiday itinerary?
  24. What fun activities are available for your cats to do so they really have a great holiday?

So after you have walked about, seen everything, chatted with the owners and people who are going to look after and love your cat while you can’t don’t forget to give the place a final score before you drive away.

Was it 10 = WOW!! Fist pump! YES!  ….to…. 9 8,7,6,5 = Somewhere between Excellent –  Well my cat would survive OK I guess or did it land in the 4,3,2,1 = Run Away Run Away.

So now your tea is all gone and you need to get on with your day or its time to turn in for a well earned rest.  I hope you enjoyed the story and have some things to help with your next big decision about a where to leave your cat so it is getting full time loving care.

Cheers from Heidi and Graham


#Canberra #Cat Boarding. When you want to leave your cat at an amazing #cattery.

Finding a #cat boarding facility with people like us who really “get cats” & love them to bits isn’t always as simple as it sounds.  Your cat has planted their paws firmly in your heart, pats your eyelids, look at you adoringly while purring away on your lap. Of course you are a slave to love, absolutely smitten with your furry friend! So how do you choose a #cattery if you have to go away?

All Photos - 1 of 11

When you need to leave your cat who can you trust to ensure that your best friend is loved, safe and comfortable when you can’t care for them yourself? Is it OK to put the burden of care on a friend or family member? Is leaving them at home alone 24/7 in an empty house with a quick visit once a day kind or even safe? Do the words cattery and cat boarding make you shudder? Have you had an experience that has made you swear off leaving your cat at a cattery for life?

At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel many of our regular clients are people just like you!  When people walk into PURR and they see our beautiful, purpose built luxury cat hotel we see their anxious expressions disappear and be replaced by smiles of relief as they take in the beautiful surroundings and the luxurious facility.  We are happy and proud to take a leisurely stroll around PURR and show people around. It is gratifying to observe people smile as they see for themselves just how happy and relaxed our guests are.  At PURR the fast pace of the world gets dialled right back, it is so wonderfully quite here, there are flocks of wild birds, kangaroos & bunnies aplenty and of course a horse or three. We love to see people take a deep breath of the lovely fresh country air and enjoy a little time out in the serenity of our little slice of heaven.  Why not stop for a while, enjoy a cuppa and tell us all about your cat, your best friend?  We love to listen to what people have to say and to hear stories about the antics that your feline friends get up to.


Our clients quickly understand that at PURR is here to make a difference! We have gone above and beyond to make sure that when you leave your cat with us you can totally relax and know that your best friend will be loved, comfortable and enjoy a home away from home holiday experience where they will be safe and relaxed.

There are a myriad of reasons whether by choice or not, that at some time in your life you may find the need to leave your beloved cat in a cat boarding facility. You are tired and run down and the every day ins and outs of life have worn you out and you desperately need to just get away for a holiday…. Your workplace has told you that you have no choice… You have to travel for work….Your moving house…. You have a vital operation is coming up and you are going to be in hospital for an unavoidable period of time and you are worried about who you can get to look after your beloved cat….Family emergencies are another reason that sometimes you have to drop everything fast and travel out of town, when your family needs you there is little choice but to go to them. But what about your precious feline, your furry buddy?

At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we know exactly how stressful it can be to leave your cat behind, not only do we hear what our clients say,  we have had personal experienced with the pain, frustrations and repercussions involved in leaving our precious cats in the care of other people.  We tried everything, looked far and wide for somewhere that we felt we would be happy to leave our cats, experienced some gut wrenching and expensive repercussions of entrusting our cats with various care options.   After a while simply did everything in our power to never leave them again…but sometimes you simply don’t get a choice.

We held out hope and would lament “IF ONLY there was….” and “WHY ISN’T there a perfect place we could leave our cats” We recognised there were some nice and reputable boarding facilities for cats in the Canberra region, but we wanted MORE…More comfort, more space, more fun, more options, a MORE PURRfect solution. Eventually we decided that if there wasn’t a solution that we would BE THE SOLUTION! So with the tried and true saying…” If you want something done right, do it yourself”… ringing in our ears we resolved to build the absolute best of the best cat boarding holiday destination.


Thousands hours planning and research, so many ideas swirling in our heads causing many sleepless nights, a huge array of design concepts drawn up and discarded – usually between 1-5am in the morning. Eventually we agreed, This is IT! We jumped on a roller coaster ride that we hadn’t quite bargained for, worked, worried and put our shoulder to the wheel and kept pushing forward until our dream became a reality and we opened PURR Luxury Cat Hotel.

It’s pretty nice when your “commute” to work is a 20 second stroll, I mentioned to my husband Graham with my tongue firmly in my cheek that I was starting a new exercise program, he was all ears and enquired what I had planned.  “Well” I said “I think I’ll start walking to work” …..I won’t share exactly what he said but I certainly thought I was Very Funny!!!

PURR is all about people who love cats and consider their precious moggy their best friend, fur baby and want only the very best for the cats who are such an important part of their lives. We know that leaving them behind is a tough thing to do and we do everything in our power to ensure that you have complete peace of mind so you can go do what needs to be done and KNOW that your cat is loved, safe and most likely having a better holiday than you are. Our guests Mums and Dads often wave goodbye to us remarking that they are worried their cats will have such a great time that they won’t want to come home.  We have even sent some of our feline guests home with the lovely plush PURR blanket or super comfy PURR cat sofa that they have so obviously fallen in love with.

Do you have a truely fantastic photograph of your cat?  If not then why not take advantage of a photo shoot with our amazing professional photographer at PURR Luxury Imagery.  During your cats stay with us at PURR while he or she is relaxed and in holiday mode we will take some amazing photographs and turn them into works of art. You then get to choose your favorite image or images and we will get it printed on canvas, acrylic glass or aluminium in the size that best suits the spot in your house that needs some wall art with your cat as the star attraction.  Alternatively we can send you your beautiful photograph of your cat to you digitally, the choice is yours.

Tilly the Flower Girl


Cats that holiday at PURR enjoy fresh clean country air, specially designed air extraction systems direct clean air into the ventilated suites. There are no cages at PURR everything is designed to keep your cats safe & healthy.  Cats are not allowed to roam around peering into other cats holiday homes, all our suites are “Sneeze proofed” and vented straight to the outside so your cats enjoy the healthiest of environments. They are enclosed by a combination of glass and solid doors so your cats can enjoy privacy in their bathroom and bedroom or kick back in their lounge room and take in the country views.

Many of PURR’s luxury suite guests enjoy the privilege of looking out over the tree tops down to the billabong and all the wild life that live on our property. Other luxury suite guests are fascinated by the horses and the things that are happening around the farm. If you have a real scaredy cat we even have suites that don’t look outside, at PURR we have just the right holiday suite for every guest.  When only the best of the best will do for your furry friend and they require a queen sized bed, unparalleled views and a sofa in their holiday suite then be sure to book early to secure our ever popular Pharaoh Suite.

The Pharaoh Suite
The Pharaoh Suite

PURR Luxury Cat Hotel offers direct door to door transport, a private air conditioned chauffeur driven car service.  We are happy to personally ensure that your cat arrives on time and boards their scheduled flight at the Canberra Airport and when you fly them over to us for their PURR holiday from any destination nationally or internationally we will be there to meet them and care for them as if they were our very own precious cats.

Every feline guest who indulges in a holiday with us at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel enjoy a truely regal experience and are considered to be a special member of our ever growing and precious PURR feline family.



Why We Built PURR Luxury Cat Hotel

When people arrive at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel the first word they usually utter is WOW!!!

They then ask if they can stay at PURR too.  We laugh and say that we are very discriminatory, No People, No Dogs and No Kids ONLY Cats can stay with us at PURR.

Graham and I have lived on our beautiful property just out of Canberra for 22 years and still  feel blessed every day for our little slice of heaven.  Even the freezing Canberra winters are made special by being able to sit and contemplate life looking into the flames of our fireplace (now fireplaces since we built PURR last year) with a cat snuggling in our lap.

We are animal lovers, and of course we love cats, loosing my beloved Brown Burmese to a car was the reason we moved out of town. I simply couldn’t live there anymore, so the search began and eventually we found our place. Back then it was little more than a goat track to get here and most people only visited us once! LOL.

In wet weather the 2WD was left up on Norton Rd and we had some interesting times getting home let me tell you. Graham used to close his eyes, hang on and stay well clear of my elbows as I kept up the momentum needed to keep the old 4WD on the road and moving up the hills.

A lot of time and a number of subdivisions later and we now have the luxury of paved roads all the way to our property gate.  Our dream of having an animal boarding facility was however not allowed due to the zoning of our area.  All this changed when the new Land Environment Plan was ratified at the end of October 2014.

We did our homework, and declared LET’S DO IT!!!!

The road to actually getting it done would take hours to write and would read like a soap opera so maybe i’ll tackle that another time.  Suffice it to say it was Interesting!

So why did we build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel? After all there are lots of cat boarding facilities and catteries in Canberra.  We wanted to do something different, something utterly spectacular, the ultimate in luxury, safety and comfort and share our little slice of heaven with other people and their cats. Of course the people only get to enjoy the drive, the views and the peaceful atmosphere for a short time but their cats get to stay for the best holiday of their lives.

PURR Luxury Cat Hotel has taken the experience cat boarding to an entirely new level. You are welcome to come out and take a tour around PURR, just give us a call and we will book you in for a private viewing while you tell us all about your best catty friend and decide which of our Luxury Suites your cats would love to have a holiday in.Eric


Put Your Beautiful Cat on Canvas

Images By PURR is one of the ways we make your cats Holiday memorable and special. While we spend quality one-on-one time with your cat we make sure to capture your beautiful cat at it’s absolute best!  Our amazing photography sessions give you both a life long memory of your precious friend and absolute proof of how much your cat is enjoying its PURR Holiday

Cleo in the sunlight
Cleo in the sunlight
Molly sunning herself in the Pharaoh Suite
Molly sunning herself in the Pharaoh Suite
Pretty Lady
Pretty Lady

Yes PURR Luxury Cat Hotel has a Fire Evacuation Plan

PURR FacilityAt this time of the year the threat of a bushfire is always at the back of everyones mind.  At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we are aware of and prepared for Extreme Bushfire weather.

Both Graham and Heidi served as Rural Firefighters for a combined 20 years, both achieving the rank of Advanced Rural Firefighters and Heavy Tanker Drivers during that time.  We were on duty during the devastating Canberra Fires.  As members of the Rural Fire Service (RFS) we were called out to figh countless fires over the years.

Now retired from the RFS we retain the extensive knowledge gained during our RFS service not only fighting fires but how to be properly prepared for a fire event and how to produce effective fire evacuation plans.

As part of our preparation to build PURR Luxury Cat Hotel, to be extra careful we did not rely on our knowledge base alone, we had an extensive Bushfire Report carried out by qualified expert environmentalists who specialised in this area.  We carried out and always continue to maintain extensive work on our property to ensure we keep the property prepared. PURR is a specially built cat boarding facility that was constructed to comply with the bushfire building specifications and requirements in our our area.

Yes absolutely we have an Effective Fire Evacuation Plan.  We have multiple safe places that we can evacuate our guest to and we can evacuate EVERY one of our guests at the same time in our huge fully enclosed ventilated horse trailer.

We are prepared to move swiftly, to help with this we ask all our guests to arrive with a sturdy well maintained cat transport container and we keep them at PURR for the duration of our feline guests stay. We make up information tags that are attached to each guests own carrier and we take photos of all our guests.

We have lived on our beautiful property in Wamboin for over 20 years and fires have never come close to us. Nevertheless we are prepared and all our guests are in experienced and well prepared hands.



Frankie Goes to PURR Luxury Cat Hotel

Frankie had a great holiday at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel Canberra regions premier cat boarding facility. He felt right at home and made the most of his busy holiday itinerary.All Photos - 5 of 11All Photos - 2 of 11

During his stay the temperature soared to 38 C, of course Frankie was blissfully unaware of this as he luxuriated in the best cattery available in the Canberra region. One of the many reasons cat lovers are choosing PURR is that their cats stay in spacious suites in air conditioned comfort.

Some of the fun things that Frankie enjoyed included:

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Lazing in the sun in PURR’s amazing Pharaoh SuiteAll Photos - 7 of 11All Photos - 1 of 11

Spending time in our Lobby with keeping us company.All Photos - 10 of 11All Photos - 8 of 11

Brushes andAll Photos - 9 of 11


Private play times in our amazing dedicated play room The Roam Zone.All Photos - 3 of 11