Cat Care in Canberra – Give your Mother a PURR Gift Voucher

Cat care in Canberra has been taken to a whole new level since PURR Luxury Cat Hotel opened.

The first word uttered by people who come to see PURR is WOW!!!  Now you can give your Mum a WOW moment and an opportunity to have a great holiday where she can go away, relax and most importantly not worry about her precious fur baby.  If your Mum is a person anything like PURR’s people then she doesn’t want to go away because she worries about fur baby.  “But What IF………………” you’ve heard it a million times before.  Now you can send her out to PURR and she can see for herself that her precious cat will have a better holiday experience then she will!!  She can ask us anything she likes and we will take the time it takes to help her relax and KNOW that her kitty will be in safe, loving hands while she goes away and recharges her Mum batteries.

Does your Mums fluffy friend need a queen sized bed, a sofa and a huge tv then PURR can deliver a huge beautiful room that has lots of window, amazing views, lots of pillows, supremely comfortable faux fur doonas, a scratching tower or two and an ala carte menu.

Perhaps something a little less elaborate is more your Mum’s style, again PURR can deliver, with a huge choice of Luxury Suites where even the smallest suite has multiple levels, a seperate bedroom and living area as well as a bathroom that is vented to the outside.

You can book private play times in the huge play room or Office Duty where Mum’s Puddy Tat can watch the wild Tweedy Birds that are fed daily all around PURR, they come right up to the windows for cats to have a chat.

Grooming is another wonderful offering at PURR, starting with a soothing brush and massage through to the whole works where we bring a professional cat groomer to PURR just for your Mum’s cat to transform her precious baby into a super model!

Winter Is Coming and PURR is warm as toast, from sun soaking to fireside lounging and heated floors PURR is a wonderland for cats.

Give your Mum the best gift you ever have!! Call us at PURR now on 0427 800 990 and we will send you E-Gift-Voucher in time for Mothers Day.