#Canberra #Cat Boarding. When you want to leave your cat at an amazing #cattery.

Finding a #cat boarding facility with people like us who really “get cats” & love them to bits isn’t always as simple as it sounds.  Your cat has planted their paws firmly in your heart, pats your eyelids, look at you adoringly while purring away on your lap. Of course you are a slave to love, absolutely smitten with your furry friend! So how do you choose a #cattery if you have to go away?

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When you need to leave your cat who can you trust to ensure that your best friend is loved, safe and comfortable when you can’t care for them yourself? Is it OK to put the burden of care on a friend or family member? Is leaving them at home alone 24/7 in an empty house with a quick visit once a day kind or even safe? Do the words cattery and cat boarding make you shudder? Have you had an experience that has made you swear off leaving your cat at a cattery for life?

At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel many of our regular clients are people just like you!  When people walk into PURR and they see our beautiful, purpose built luxury cat hotel we see their anxious expressions disappear and be replaced by smiles of relief as they take in the beautiful surroundings and the luxurious facility.  We are happy and proud to take a leisurely stroll around PURR and show people around. It is gratifying to observe people smile as they see for themselves just how happy and relaxed our guests are.  At PURR the fast pace of the world gets dialled right back, it is so wonderfully quite here, there are flocks of wild birds, kangaroos & bunnies aplenty and of course a horse or three. We love to see people take a deep breath of the lovely fresh country air and enjoy a little time out in the serenity of our little slice of heaven.  Why not stop for a while, enjoy a cuppa and tell us all about your cat, your best friend?  We love to listen to what people have to say and to hear stories about the antics that your feline friends get up to.


Our clients quickly understand that at PURR is here to make a difference! We have gone above and beyond to make sure that when you leave your cat with us you can totally relax and know that your best friend will be loved, comfortable and enjoy a home away from home holiday experience where they will be safe and relaxed.

There are a myriad of reasons whether by choice or not, that at some time in your life you may find the need to leave your beloved cat in a cat boarding facility. You are tired and run down and the every day ins and outs of life have worn you out and you desperately need to just get away for a holiday…. Your workplace has told you that you have no choice… You have to travel for work….Your moving house…. You have a vital operation is coming up and you are going to be in hospital for an unavoidable period of time and you are worried about who you can get to look after your beloved cat….Family emergencies are another reason that sometimes you have to drop everything fast and travel out of town, when your family needs you there is little choice but to go to them. But what about your precious feline, your furry buddy?

At PURR Luxury Cat Hotel we know exactly how stressful it can be to leave your cat behind, not only do we hear what our clients say,  we have had personal experienced with the pain, frustrations and repercussions involved in leaving our precious cats in the care of other people.  We tried everything, looked far and wide for somewhere that we felt we would be happy to leave our cats, experienced some gut wrenching and expensive repercussions of entrusting our cats with various care options.   After a while simply did everything in our power to never leave them again…but sometimes you simply don’t get a choice.

We held out hope and would lament “IF ONLY there was….” and “WHY ISN’T there a perfect place we could leave our cats” We recognised there were some nice and reputable boarding facilities for cats in the Canberra region, but we wanted MORE…More comfort, more space, more fun, more options, a MORE PURRfect solution. Eventually we decided that if there wasn’t a solution that we would BE THE SOLUTION! So with the tried and true saying…” If you want something done right, do it yourself”… ringing in our ears we resolved to build the absolute best of the best cat boarding holiday destination.


Thousands hours planning and research, so many ideas swirling in our heads causing many sleepless nights, a huge array of design concepts drawn up and discarded – usually between 1-5am in the morning. Eventually we agreed, This is IT! We jumped on a roller coaster ride that we hadn’t quite bargained for, worked, worried and put our shoulder to the wheel and kept pushing forward until our dream became a reality and we opened PURR Luxury Cat Hotel.

It’s pretty nice when your “commute” to work is a 20 second stroll, I mentioned to my husband Graham with my tongue firmly in my cheek that I was starting a new exercise program, he was all ears and enquired what I had planned.  “Well” I said “I think I’ll start walking to work” …..I won’t share exactly what he said but I certainly thought I was Very Funny!!!

PURR is all about people who love cats and consider their precious moggy their best friend, fur baby and want only the very best for the cats who are such an important part of their lives. We know that leaving them behind is a tough thing to do and we do everything in our power to ensure that you have complete peace of mind so you can go do what needs to be done and KNOW that your cat is loved, safe and most likely having a better holiday than you are. Our guests Mums and Dads often wave goodbye to us remarking that they are worried their cats will have such a great time that they won’t want to come home.  We have even sent some of our feline guests home with the lovely plush PURR blanket or super comfy PURR cat sofa that they have so obviously fallen in love with.

Do you have a truely fantastic photograph of your cat?  If not then why not take advantage of a photo shoot with our amazing professional photographer at PURR Luxury Imagery.  During your cats stay with us at PURR while he or she is relaxed and in holiday mode we will take some amazing photographs and turn them into works of art. You then get to choose your favorite image or images and we will get it printed on canvas, acrylic glass or aluminium in the size that best suits the spot in your house that needs some wall art with your cat as the star attraction.  Alternatively we can send you your beautiful photograph of your cat to you digitally, the choice is yours.

Tilly the Flower Girl


Cats that holiday at PURR enjoy fresh clean country air, specially designed air extraction systems direct clean air into the ventilated suites. There are no cages at PURR everything is designed to keep your cats safe & healthy.  Cats are not allowed to roam around peering into other cats holiday homes, all our suites are “Sneeze proofed” and vented straight to the outside so your cats enjoy the healthiest of environments. They are enclosed by a combination of glass and solid doors so your cats can enjoy privacy in their bathroom and bedroom or kick back in their lounge room and take in the country views.

Many of PURR’s luxury suite guests enjoy the privilege of looking out over the tree tops down to the billabong and all the wild life that live on our property. Other luxury suite guests are fascinated by the horses and the things that are happening around the farm. If you have a real scaredy cat we even have suites that don’t look outside, at PURR we have just the right holiday suite for every guest.  When only the best of the best will do for your furry friend and they require a queen sized bed, unparalleled views and a sofa in their holiday suite then be sure to book early to secure our ever popular Pharaoh Suite.

The Pharaoh Suite
The Pharaoh Suite

PURR Luxury Cat Hotel offers direct door to door transport, a private air conditioned chauffeur driven car service.  We are happy to personally ensure that your cat arrives on time and boards their scheduled flight at the Canberra Airport and when you fly them over to us for their PURR holiday from any destination nationally or internationally we will be there to meet them and care for them as if they were our very own precious cats.

Every feline guest who indulges in a holiday with us at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel enjoy a truely regal experience and are considered to be a special member of our ever growing and precious PURR feline family.