Here we go, the all important foundations are being established.
Formwork is complete, the in-slab hydronic heating pipes throughout the building have been installed in sub zero temperatures. It was seriously cold out at PURR Luxury Cat Hotel on this day.
Of course that means it turned out to be a glorious, sunny day.
In only one day
– the coloured concrete was pumped over approximately 1000 metres of hydronic pipe work
– the slab was finished, despite the cold weather it cured really quickly with the help of modern technology
– our beautiful burnished coloured concrete floor was completed and was safe from any inquisitive kangaroos jumping on it.



Such a lovely flat area ready for the foundation work to begin.
This definitely called for a celebration ceremony.  We are so very excited to be on the way to building PURR Luxury Cat Hotes



Now that we have the paperwork we can really begin.
PURR Luxury Cat Hotel is on the way!!

Building contracts signed and surveyors arrive to peg out the building site. One little white peg and WOW it is all very exciting and starting to feel real.

You can see how close our beautiful PURR Luxury Cat Hotel is to our own home with our roof in the background.
We made sure that we will be close at hand to care for our PURR’s Feline Guests.

Site prep begins with the arrival of trucks, utes and earthmoving equipment.

How I’d love to be allowed to drive the HUGE 20 tonne excavator that has moved in, its bigger than our house and has its work cut out for it!




The road to successfully getting our Development Application approved was long and winding. It involved lots of people, lots of expense and a great deal of work.
There are too many people who helped us to name individually, you know who you are and you have our thanks and gratitude. It is wonderful to be able to reach out to friends, family and even total strangers and find strength, knowledge and kindness.
We salute you all. Celebrate Good Times

We always need to remember to enjoy and celebrate hard won victories, we also take time to celebrate the every day little things that bring beauty into our lives

And of course the Furry Friends that provide inspiration, laughter, fun and lots of love.

Here’s to all those who enrich our lives and keep smiles on our faces
Heidi and Graham


The Dream

Our “Fur Kids” are such an important part of our lives. They are well acquainted with luxury and pampering, in fact they know nothing else!
Graham and I have lived on our beautiful property in Wamboin NSW which is right on the ACT/NSW boarder for over 20 years.
We always dreamed of building a luxury pet resort here but it wasn’t permitted in our zoning regulations.
In October 2014 the zoning of our land was revised and we began the process of making our Dream a reality.

Sounded so simple, we soon found out otherwise. Lots of hard work, persistence and determination has kept our Dream alive!!!

We started by choosing the best place on our property for PURR Luxury Cat Hotel. We decided on a lovely spot less than a minutes walk from our house

Lots and lots of things needed to be done to ensure we met with stringent council requirements, and done they were.
The first big milestone was achieved when Council gave its approval in May 2015.

Once all the paperwork was stamped and signed off our Dream started to take shape.