A PURR above the Rest

Welcome to PURR Luxury Cat Hotel - a spacious, safe and secure cat only boarding facility with plenty of accommodation choices The custom built facilities have been designed specifically for cats, providing guests with heated floors, extra-large play areas with private play time, and climate... ... read more.

Cat Lodging

With a range of luxury accommodation available including private suites and apartments, all with climate control and suites with heated floors in the winter, PURR provides the ultimate cat lodging for your feline friends Cat-only accommodation Located on 18 acres of open countryside, our... ... read more.

PURR-fectly Luxurious Cat Boarding

Are you looking for the PURRfect facility for your favourite feline friend Look no further than PURR Luxury Cat Hotel Cats are sensitive creatures who really feel it when their family is away So why not treat them to a little 'R and R' when you can't be home with them At PURR Luxury Cat... ... read more.

PURRfect Cattery Luxury

Going on holiday can be difficult and quite stressful when you must leave your feline friend behind Asking the teenager next door to feed and change the litter occasionally is one option, although if you've got a kitty that's used to a certain standard of attention and supervision, this isn't the... ... read more.

The PURR-fect Home Away From Home

Cats are a source of love and comfort and owners would give everything to make sure that they, in turn, feel loved and comfortable As an exclusive kitten & cat boarding facility, PURR Luxury Cat Hotel makes sure that their need for care and attention is met in the highest and most luxurious way... ... read more.